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Find all the necessary items for keeping your pet fish and pet reptiles. Everything you need for your Tropical, Marine or Goldfish Aquarium can be found at Living Reef Aquatics. We stock products such as Aquariums, sands and gravels, ornaments, Live sand, nets, aquarium cleaning products, fish treatments and test kits, plants, protein skimmers, reactors, lighting, UV sterilisers, heaters, live foods, frozen foods, flake and pellet foods in fact just about everything you could need!

For your reptiles we stock all that is required to keep, heat, home and feed your pet reptile.

Vivariums in glass and wood, Tortoise tables, UV lighting, Basking bulbs, plants and hides, substrates, live food for reptiles, frozen food for snakes, waterfalls and spray systems for Chameleons and frogs - well just about everything! you get the idea.

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Looking for a new Aquarium? or a nice new vivarium for your reptiles? Living Reef Aquatics and Reptiles can help.

From custom made to off the shelf we can help. Lots of choice in stock.

Reptile Boarding - we sometimes have space for Holiday Boarding for your Reptile.

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Reptile and Aquatic Supplies

Here you will find a selection of photographs showing all things Reptile homes and Aquatic Homes and more! This will give you a good idea of what you can expect to find in the Living Reef Aquarium Store in Dartford Kent. Keeping Reptiles and Aquarium Fish is fun and a rewarding hobby not to mention very addictive!