Tropical Aquarium Services

Tropical Services

Living Reef Aquatics can provide a Tropical Aquarium cleaning service to help keep your aquarium looking great. Aquarium maintenance can be undertaken as a one off or can be incorporated into our monthly schedules in Kent and Home Counties. Planted tanks are one of our specialised areas.

We can also bring remineralised R.O water for your soft water fish if required.

We have in store a varied selection of tropical aquarium tanks from all the leading brands such as Hagen, Fluval, Juwel, Fish R Fun, Biorb, and also offer a custom made aquarium service.

Fish Tank Cleaning
Aquarium water testing
Aquarium Maintenance

Aquarium Tanks

Tropical Aquarium Tanks

Looking for a new Fish Tank? At Living Reef Aquatics we have a great selection from small desktop aquariums up to custom made bespoke aquariums. We specialise in tropical, Coldwater, Marine and Saltwater Reef aquariums.

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Tropical Accessories

  • Aquarium Lighting
  • Aquarium Filter
  • Aquarium Plants
  • Aquarium Ornaments
  • Custom Made Aquariums
  • Fish Tanks
  • Fish Food
  • Planted Tank
  • Rocks and Gravels
  • R.O Water
  • Tropical Fish Tanks
  • Test Kits

Freshwater Fish and Plants

Here you will find a selection of photographs showing all things Tropical Fish! Coldwater Fish and Aquarium Plants. This will give you a good idea of what you can expect to find in the Living Reef Aquarium Store in Dartford, Kent. Keeping Aquarium Fish is a great and rewarding hobby not to mention very addictive!