Trust Living Reef Aquatics for the highest quality, healthiest freshwater tropical fish and marine saltwater fish species in the industry. We have a great selection of aquarium fish for all levels of experience.


No one offers a better or diverse variety of Corals, inverts, clams and clean up crew. We also grow thousands of frags in our own facility and have in excess of 600 in store for you to chose from.


Living Reef Reptiles have for sale a vast selection of Captive Bred Reptiles. We have many years of experience with the keeping and breeding of reptiles and are renowned for our help and advice.

Pet Supplies

We offer a vast selection of fish and reptile supplies. Everything you need for your Marine Aquarium, Tropical Aquarium and Pet Reptile will be found in store. 1000's of products from all the leading brands.

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About Us

Living Reef Aquatics is the premier saltwater aquarium fish and freshwater aquarium fish store.

Conveniently located in Dartford Kent only minutes from the M25 Dartford Crossing.

As the largest independent aquarium fish and supplies store in the area, we strive to have a large variety of aquarium fish and corals as well as a vast selection of aquariums and aquarium goods.

Reptile specialists - our one stop store offers all the necessary housing and reptile products to care for your reptiles.

When you walk into our 2,800 square feet air conditioned store you will encounter a selection of different ... aquariums and products with stunning marine and tropical fish to inspire your imagination.

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